Review 313

Political Wire is a traditional political news site in the style of online newspapers. Summarys of news articles adorn the front page along with links to the full story. This is not a weblog.

The site provides links to the major newspapers, and other useful resources of this type. The most useful feature of this site is their index of articles by subject, such as “women’s rights”, “environmental”, and “terrorism”. If one were looking to bone up quickly on a particular political subject, this site would prove very useful.

If there is a political bias here, I wasn’t able to sniff it out. The articles are level-headed and very informative.

The graphics are cheesy, dated, and unpolished. This site is all about content and it shows. Lots and lots of quality political content, so the graphics shouldn’t detract too much.

Political news, not a weblog. Enter at your own risk.

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