Review 3118

The first thought I had as the page loaded was “interesting” because of the great header graphic which stood out nicely against the black background. First impressions with blogs are very important.

As I sifted through posts, I was enamored with the writers ability to randomly throw out thoughts of an at least semi-jocular nature which I have been hard pressed to find amongst many other blogs. I’d say she has a decent talent for writing which will only get better with time and experience. Although I could have done without the almost random curse words, I still managed to enjoy reading her posts.

The overall design leaves a little to be desired. Though you can do many things with a black layout, solid borders rather than beveled borders would do this blog a little more justice. Maybe a little cell padding to top it all off.

I would recommend this blog as a semi-regular read when you need a good chuckle. (I mean that in a good way)NULL