Review 3115

This observational blog is actually fairly amusing, so I was disappointed to see that it hadn’t been updated for over a month. Ok sure, maybe the author has a life that is far more exciting than mine and he is out *observing* stuff, rather than sitting at his keyboard, but in the blogosphere familiarity does not breed contempt. There are so many blogs out there that there will always be a little redundancy, but everyone writes differently and has their own take on things.

I enjoy the post dissecting the photo of a “fat man” and his links to other, funny websites such as the “church sign generator”. The posts go serious for a moment with a band shout-out before it gets back (a month later) to some Robbie Williams frivolity.

The template is an oh-so-familiar blogger CSS and the overall presentation is somewhat bland with a bright yellow title that fades away into the bright white background. “The Bench Press” needs a better brand. The content itself if fine, even perhaps good but 4 months worth of posts I think could have been better coming over one week which would certainly made the site a worthwhile bookmark.

I like David’s sense of humor and while the site appears to have no central theme or basis, an observational blog is as a good as reason as any to run a blog if presented and maintained correctly. With a bit of work on the template, and more posts more often, perhaps The Bench Press could be a pretty decent site.

*Note, the title is a play on words based on the authors name and has nothing whatsoever to do with gym equipment. NULL