Review 3114

Mrs. Mogul welcomes you with a bubble-gum colored template that lends an air of whimsical reading entertainment. The colors and layout remind me of those Chic Lit cover books that continue to grow in its popularity, thereby earning its own Chic Lit section in bookshops.

True to its delight-in-our-womanhood-style, the entries are highly entertaining. Her earlier entries were recounts of her “brushing elbows” with the stars and her exposure to their world by being in the industry herself (through interviews, or auditions, or modeling stints, or friends who foray into this area). These are all in addition to her experiences of living a life away from home.

Her recent entries focus on the jitters and excitement of becoming a mother which earned her a place in the 2005 Weblog Awards under the Best Parenting category. Overall, her pieces are imaginative and written with witty touches of conversational form, be it with her future baby, or with her Mother, or with David Letterman interviewing her. Even David couldn’t stop her from stretching the one hour show with her narratives.

Thanks to the Web Divas who designed her blog, Mrs. Mogul has a coherent theme of being a delightful eye-candy blogger together with her visual posts that are all too often entertaining and humorous. The general feel is having the best of both American (stars and glitterati) and British (humor) worlds. Her links are quite interesting. I suspect they are web friends who share her passion for light and easy reads.

Mogul is defined as a “very rich or powerful” person. In this case, the Missus is a rich storyteller and a powerful one to induce hefty laughter from her big audience. Keep up the great work!