Review 311

White text on a black background. Strike one. Not only because it’s hard on the eyes, but because it’s just plain boring. Still, I ventured on, but much to my dismay, the content of the site wasn’t much better. When you look up “trite, whiny teenage girl’s weblog” in the dictionary, this is what you find. It isn’t bad, but if i jumped blindly into any Diaryland or Geocities teenage webring, i’m sure I could find 20 websites strikingly similar to it. I’m sure this girl’s friends enjoy reading this, but I’ll have to pass. Besides the fact that it isn’t particularly creative, it isn’t innovative, nor is it even engaging. The design is ultraminimal. Actually, scratch that. It’s incredibly plain. Here’s one of the more interesting excerpts:

“i got this *gasp* $180 skirt.

i don’t know what possessed me, but i had to get it. mommy helped me, but it was so worth it.”

I guess if you’re really into other people’s shopping finds and school days, this could be your cup of tea. For everyone else, it isn’t worth the effort it takes to read the text and smiley faces every other sentence.Persnickety

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