Review 3101

Harmonic Convergence is penned by a middle-aged American woman in Northern California who immediately strikes me as social and outgoing. Her weblog is not updated often and like most blogs, is filled with posts about what the author has been up to lately.

She sings, although we never hear her, she reads, watches movies, observes the weather, reviews music performances, and loves her dog Lola but I get the sense that she has a deeper side that isn’t seen on her website that might give readers a better insight into her state of mind.

The look and feel of the site is fairly basic although the header image showing the author “through the years” is a nice touch and the blogger template is simple and clean. I’m no fan of the pink-on-purple fauvist logo however which makes me eyes hurt if I look at for too long.

Overall I found Harmonic Convergence wanting. Imagine the odd email from your mother telling you what she has been doing with accompanying photos and this is precisely what you will find here. It’s great for friends and family to keep tabs on the girl, but lacks the depth of content or regularity to encourage regular readers. NULL