Review 3094

Oh, wow, would I be so lucky to get to review two blogs in a row about people living in eastern countries? No, not really. This blog is written by a guy living in the UK – and that’s pretty much what you get to know about him, since there is no profile, at least not one that can be easily found.

Ummm. Okay. First thing is, it’s under the “humor” category here at I’m thinking… shouldn’t I be laughing by now or at least grinning? And why is it that I’m not? I always think it has to do with a cultural gap. But it hasn’t been really a problem in the past. I can totally laugh at…let’s call them “international jokes”. So, wait, let me read the blog again. I’ll give another shot at it.

I start checking the categories under which the author posts. They include topics that go from art to look-alikes; they also cover politics and action figures. As I browse around, I get the feeling that most of the stuff here should be funny, but to my taste, it just isn’t appealing. The jokes are there, most of them pictures supposed to make people laugh but I’m just not laughing. Such a bitter reviewer I am. Actually, no. I laugh quite easily. It’s just that the author chooses to post easy jokes with visual aids. Not my kind of humor, but it can be *yours*. So don’t be afraid to visit the blog.

I like when entries are organized in categories. The good feeling you have when you go to a library and and wants to read a book; you search for the topic of your interest and tadah!, you find it. In this blog, however, many of the categories are about the same thing: humor. Humor about politics, humor about look-alikes, humor, humor, humor with pictures. So the categorizing technique doesn’t really work for me. Oh, and there are links everywhere. *Everywhere*.

The design is quite simple and effective. It doesn’t compete with the pictures posted. The font is a bit too small for my tired eyes – but then again there isn’t much that actually requires reading.

I guess this blog is just meant to be a collection of supposedly funny pictures. I wouldn’t check it regularly. I get enough “funny” (and here I’m using quotes to be sarcastic) through e-mail everyday. Or maybe I’m just a bitter reviewer with a cold heart.