Review 3089

Once again I was not sure what to expect out of a blog according to the name. REFUSENIK according to the American Heritage Dictionary means A Soviet citizen, usually Jewish, denied permission to emigrate After reading the blog I did not find that this was the case. Most of the information on the blog pertains to the Muslim faith and the Country Morocco. I did some more research to get an idea what I was to expect out of the site. I did a quick google search to see where Morocco was located and it is near the Sahara desert. Knowing that this is not Soviet territory I am starting to believe REFUSENIK must have double meaning.

This site gives information about different Muslim related news articles as well as articles facing Morocco citizens. The author claims to be located in Maryland, United States, but the author appears to have hatred on the United States positions dealing with issues the author appears to hold close to her heart.

I would like to see more posts. The archives begin in October 2005, but the blog has been very active since its creation. The design is a simple design with images throughout the blog. The images do not take over the site. The images are subtle and are in topic with the article being discussed.

The site is very informational if you need to catch up on the news dealing with Morocco or the perception of the Muslim faith. I would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of information. I felt the site was designed well and very informative. The author did not force feelings onto the readers, just simply stated the opinion. I rate this site as a 3.5.