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Eric loves his video games, but hates the giant corporations that make these video games. Since this is his blog, this is what he writes. He started this weblog in response to the Madden 2006 football game that was released earlier this fall. He was disappointed with the game, and decide to develop this weblog in order to give gamers an actual voice in the situation. All of this information was in the very first post of the site, and I felt good knowing exactly what I would be reading for the next month’s worth of posts.

This site is still new. Eric made his inaugural post on November 1, but has steadily continued to post since then. It’s all put together on what looks like a standard Blogger template. It’s a two-column layout, done in black, white, and grays. There’s the typical Blogger profile in the side-column area, which also contains “essential” video game links, a few ads, and all the standard weblog additions – a blogroll, archives, etc.

Thankfully, his posts vary from his dislike of the latest football game release and stray to other types of big corporations that he can’t stand – Wal-Mart and Microsoft, for example. He has his reasons for his dislike of these company, especially the monopolies the companies have – hence the name of the site. From time to time, Eric also throws in a link he’s found on the internet that might make you laugh.

While this isn’t going to be a site that everyone will follow or appreciate, it’s a perfect fit for those diehard Madden 06 fans that are just as frustrated as Eric about the quality of the latest release of this game. It’s still a new weblog and has a lot of room to grow.NULL

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