Review 308

Sleeping In Flight was a different type of weblog than one might be used to. Abandoning the traditional Blogger-style dated entries, the author of this site has compiled an ongoing page-by-page collage of “scrapbook” entries.

I say “scrapbook” because I felt as if I was looking at pieces of the author’s mind, cut out and pasted into the website. This was a very refreshing manner of doing things. Each entry had a picture to click on, taking you to the next entry. Sometimes, you would find short stories and pictures. Other times you might find only a drawing or some seemingly random thoughts. Whatever the case, the author effectively uses this medium to portray emotions, feelngs, ideas, and thoughts.

One drawback to this style of weblog is that you lose some basic navigation capabilities. If I wanted to go back to a certain page I thought was good, I would have to have remembered to bookmark it the first time. Otherwise, I’m left clicking through dozens of pages until I find it. This was the one obvious drawback, and is the only reason this site is not a 5.0.

The design was simple, and the pictures, drawings, and graphics were well done. They often fit the mood of the page, and the site in general, perfectly.

Sleeping In Flight is absolutely worth a look, if for the unique approach alone. The writing and the thoughts that it conjured up were well worth the visit too.sleeping in flight

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