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I had no sense of what “What doesn’t kill you…” would be about, but the current post plunges the reader into some general ramblings. The next post on the page is rather more personal and is part of a longer story line about the writer’s current sex partner/love interest. The details are explicit, the tone is engaging and after just a few minutes, I was hooked.

The writing style is relaxed and personal. WDKY’s personality shows through his writing. He is a divorced 45-year-old man with a couple of kids living outside of London. He is frank and expresses himself clearly. The blog is his personal story. He occasionally comments on blogging in general and points readers to sites he enjoys, but the interest here is in the serial novel that is his life. I have a particular fondness for this type of blogging (it’s essentially what I do, minus the sex) and I was drawn to WDKY’s story. His enjoyment and discussion of blogging is refreshing.

Apparently, while the site has only been used regularly for a little less than two months, it has gone through a few redesigns. I’m not particularly fond of the current design. I’m not sure what the skyline at the top of the page has to do with the content of the site. Also, I don’t like white type on a black background; I find it harder to read than black text on a light background. The author has included a tag board on the sidebar and a few links and badges, but there is nothing remarkable here. However, the design is not the reason to visit this site. The reason to visit the site is the content, which is excellent.

For great storytelling and clear, interesting writing, this is a fine blog. There is a lot of writing about sex, but it’s not a sex blog. It’s about the author’s personal life and his thoughts on dating and the world in general. If you like personal blogs, I highly recommend it.NULL

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