Review 303

First off, I would not have been able to see this site at all if I didn’t change the ‘C’ in ‘calvin’ in the address to a lower-case ‘c’.

Calvin’s Corner started with a disclaimer. This disclaimer immediately put me on the defense, before I even entered the site. Being told that I shouldn’t complain or be offended by the design was quite humorous, considering the main site popped up in a non-resizable window that wouldn’t fit the content without scrolling left and right. As the disclaimer stated, I would have happily clicked “on the ‘x’ in the top right corner,” but alas, I have no ‘x’ in my top right hand corner. In fact, I have no ‘x’ in either corner, being on a Mac.

Nevertheless, I started reading through the weblog, which seemed to be a collaboration between Calvin and Randy. The weblog entries were not very interesting, mostly being short comments about recent events.

I went to the “About” section, realizing I had no Back button to get me to the front again. Having to command-click to navigate is a pain. I left the site and slid over to my PC to give it a shot, hoping that the site had been designed to work better in Windows.

Unfortunately, the PC window was the same: too small to fit the content, not resizable, and no nav buttons. I didn’t even bother checking out the rest of the site.

Maybe I should have listened to the disclaimer.Calvins Corner V3

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