Review 303

This site was once sent to us and was reviewed before. Then it got a 2 on the rating scale, and now, it doesn’t even get that. The problems of before were of design and links that weren’t there. Well now links are there. Yay.

So why a lower rating this time? First thing I see when I get to the page is a splash page. If any of you reading this have read any of my reviews, then you know that I hate splash pages. They serve no purpose other than to ad another page view to the person’s counter. But this one was unique in that it had a nice little disclaimer.

Disclaimer… yadda yadda yadda, I take no reasonability if you get hurt… yadda yadda yadda, if you don’t like what is posted, click on the “x” in the right hand corner… yadda yadda yadda, boring stuff in the disclaimer. No reason to have it.

So I close the disclaimer, and I click to enter. What do I get? A nice little pop-up window that is already sized for me with no navigation bars. The webmaster is using a javascript trick that many people used back in 97 to control the look of their site. However, in 97 the reason for this was because the background was an image, and everything was positioned around that background.

I start reading and there really wasn’t much that interested me. Maybe it was because I was so frustrated by the disclaimer and splash screen? I don’t know.

So I decide that I am going to explore the site. I click about. This part I almost liked. Great break down on the history of the site and what have you, but every other line was “like” this or “like” that like you know what I mean? A page has an almost professional disclaimer, and yet in the writing, its like that valley girl talk you-know.

Check out all the rest of the links, nothing is there except for a brief description of what will be there. So I go back to the “news” section and I notice something with the layout. The window was sized for me so I couldn’t change it, and yet, there was a scroll bar to move to the right. If you are going to give me a new window and not let me re-size it, set it to the correct size please!

I have to agree with Will on this matter, I should have just clicked the “x” in the corner, but alas, I too am on a Mac and have no “x”.

Calvins Corner V3

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