Review 3029

The name of this blog brought to mind first off for me, animals on a drug trip. Yet opening up the blog itself wasn’t anything like that. A nice serene picture of water and mountains takes over the top of the blog, with a black background and blue writing. I found that after a bit of reading through the blog, my eyes are starting to ache and I’m seeing blue on a white page as I type this.

The blog itself is written by Julie a 28 year old dramaturg which is something that I’d never heard of before! It is very much a personal blog, with pictures, thoughts and more pictures throughout- there are entries referring to her cat, her friends, her knitting tribulations, New York, and of course some quiz type things… The blog is written well. The author writes about her day to day life.

The design of the site is quite nice to start off with, but after a while hurts the eyes. It looks like a blogger template. Lots of blue on black, the links seem to all work, as does the archives. There isn’t anything that jumps out to me about this blog. There isn’t really an “about me” page, just a list along the left sidebar of name, age, etc. There’s also the usual list of blogs and links on the left sidebar, so there isn’t much “clutter”.

All up, for a personal blog it’s pretty much what you’d expect. It doesn’t do much for me, but it might for you. The lifestyle and writing of the author might appeal or it might not.