Review 3019

One of the things I enjoy about blogs is when I find a blog about a specific topic. This can be any topic, but it has to stay focused on that topic. I knew right away that The Google Spot would be a blog focused solely on Google and I curious as to what this blog had to offer about the company.

The blog is hosted on blogspot, using blogger, and using a blogger template. I wonder if the author is trying to score extra points by doing all this. The header says just what I suspected “The Google Spot is dedicated to all things Google”. So now onto the blog itself.

First a question. Did you blink? If so you might have read the entire blog. This blog consists of total of nine posts. This blog is still a baby. The posts are of course about all things Google. This ranges from news about a Google browser, Google WiFi in SF, Google and Sun’s announcement and of course the Google maps. Yup, everything is about Google.

This blog while a specific topic is not doing it for me. The problem is that there are too few posts to actually be considered “the source of all Google info” and the author doesn’t post on a daily basis. Additionally, all of the things that the author posted I have read about before on other more generic “news on the web” type sites.

I give the author credit for starting a blog dedicated to Google. I only know of one other that is dedicated to the almighty company (only because they have top search result for the phrase weblog). This blog has potential; however the author needs to invest the time into the blog in order for it to grow. If he doesn’t than this blog is just taking up space in the blogosphere.

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