Review 299

After checking out this site, I swear I’m gonna have to make a run to the store to make these Midnight Brownies that the author kept talking about. In just a few posts, she spoke about BBQ chicken, M&Ms and brownies.

Okay, enough about the food, I’m supposed to reviewing the log …

A post discussing … well the chickens, I started to laugh because she gives those people who work at any fast food restaurant who specialize in chicken how to make a mockery of the food you have to work with. All you need is a little roasted chicken, a little imagination and an audience and you got a great puppet show!! Give some quality entertainment for those waiting for their orders. Or as she likes to call it: BBQ Chicken Porn. Makes you want to say, “Hey kids, let’s go down and get some dinner and watch some chicken porn!”

A definite plus about reading her site is Miss Shauny is her writing. She has a degree in journalism and I don’t think I’ve come across a site who tells a story that will use actual line breaks when two people are speaking. Someone that applies those things you learned in school.

Elsewhere on her site, she has a “snaps” section of photos from concerts, vacations and just random shots of other moments; she also did a bit of photojournalism. I personally liked the 50’s style of pics she has on the different sections of her site like the very “posed” shot of probably a tv housewife on the phone in her bio area of the site.

You must see check out the site; at least go to see the drawing of the “Work Food Chain” and where she’s located at … I think it’s somewhere near that algae of some sort …

what’s new pussycat?

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