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I love to read and I love to write and when I read the title I thought this could be a really cool blog on a writer’s life and his thoughts on creativity and stuff, kind of a Paul Auster’s book, perhaps? – although I realize I’d be expecting a bit too much. Or maybe an editor’s life and how it’s great to get to read all these books and choose what’s going to be published or not and tell to the writer’s face their book is really awesome or is just a piece of shit (pardon my French) and that they shouldn’t have spent so much energy and paper and electricity on keeping the computer on to write such things.

So, hey, yeah!, I was right! David is an editor! Not the coold editor type, but still. By reading his profile, we get to know that David likes Queen (the band, yes) and is the editor of the North Cheshire Family Historian. Oh, great. That should be fun to read. Maybe some funny family stories, murders, births, the whole life and death mystery revealed through anonymous people’s stories. But I’m sorry to say this blog is not about that. Mostly, it’s about churches – with pictures -, churchyards, and guess? Cheshire. Of course the only one I know from Cheshire would be the cat, from ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, so I don’t think that would enough to get my attention. Here and there a note about being an editor, but not that interesting either. Okay, to be fair, it’s about David’s life and what he does.

The layout is a basic Blogger template. All the links work fine. There’s not a lot of material to read, since the blog is recent. And there’s nowhere to comment on the posts (you never know if someone would be really interested in checking people’s graves inscriptions – and there might be), but you can e-mail with David if you wish.

All in all, the blog is just plain unappealing, I’m afraid. I’d love to say otherwise, but I’m being totally honest. Maybe it’s just that it’s meant to be read by people who dig the same things David does, and I’m not one of them, unfortunately. NULL

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