Review 2983

Initial impression was clean layout, a ripped out notebook page on a wooden background. The text is clear and easy to read and the links work. You see a book on the top right hand sidebar so making an assumption that it’s the blogger’s book was the right call. The title of the blog itself “Doing a Decade: Exploring the Seventies” makes me think of a blog that has the author reminising about the 1970’s, their life, loves and overall view.

Whilst reading through the blog, I found the writing style of the author was easy to follow, although at times I felt myself reading through the entries a bit faster in order to find something that interested me as an individual to the entry. I didn’t find much that did interest me, although the entry about the brine wells nearly got a peek out of me. Various entries relate back to things in the author’s past, but for someone who was born at the end of the 70’s, a link or two to the relevant website might have been helpful (e.g. a link to Loggins & Messina).

The blog itself is fairly new. The template used is one that isn’t very commonly used, but suits the blog and content. All up there are 13 entries, so it is hard to tell how this blog might develop.

I believe that this blog is going to be drawing in a somewhat middle aged crowd, only because for someone younger, I found that I didn’t know what the author was talking about and with no reference points I think it’s a bit hard to follow.

The reason I gave this blog a 3.5 was because of this, as well as there being a lack in the “about” page, or any links on the blog that might have pointed to something a bit more about the writer or relevant entries would have been nice.NULL

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