Review 2968

At Jefitoblog, I can tell what the site is about right away by the tagline – poking pop culture’s soft white underbelly with a sharp-witted stick.

This site is nicely designed and pleasing to the eye – too bad I can hardly read the small type. I sure wish bloggers would figure out how to alter the stylesheets on their blogs in a positive way. If you use settings like x-small or other relative settings, the user can actually increase the font size. As it is, I really can’t read the site, but I can tell it has a review of Jude Cole, and it has a really funny take on a cereal called Mini-Swirlz. The complaint is that the cereal looks like small pieces of poop, and from the pictures I have to agree.

Other postings cover CDs and TV, exactly what you’d expect from the tagline. The posts go back to 2002 on the archive list, so this blog has been around a while.

I finally get an author name at the very bottom of the page, Jeff Giles. No email link though, which is a personal pet peeve.

All in all, it’s a great blog, I only gave it a bad score because the type was too small for me to read.jefitoblog

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