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My first thoughts before I clicked the link for this blog was, oh no, a Christian blog. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised that this blog isn’t your average Christian blog. It’s thoughtful & most of all, has a point of view from which not many Christian blogs come from. After the blog did load, the template, I believe, suits the blog with the blue’s and white background on grey writing.

Messy Christian is definitely a blog that is worth having a look at, just because the author’s views are current, her writing style is well written and easy to read. The posts are well thought out, and many an entry is regarding her own personal journey down the road of being a Christian. It’s very thoughtfully written. I didn’t personally come across any particular errors on the weblog itself, the archives are easily found and navigated, the links are all working.

If you look hard enough you will find her “coming out” post, where she outs herself from being anonymous, photo included, to her readers. There is a brief about section as well as a 50 things section. I believe that the author has put together a blog that targets interest, even if you aren’t Christian. So well done!

I gave this blog a 4 because of the content, the written style as well as the fact that the entries are thought provoking and interesting. Definitely a must read.Messy Christian

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