Review 2906

Mark Gamon has a fascinating blog. It’s organized well, not too busy or cluttered, nice color scheme, and features beautiful digital photos (something new he’s just started including). If I had one complaint it would be that the dates of his posts are a bit hidden inside a dark bar/stripe that runs the width of the blog. It’s just a bit off-putting until you get used to it.

Wow. One complaint…can that be it? Yes, indeed. A lot of what Mark writes is very specific to his country, city and the like. Therefore I don’t really understand all of the local references, because I don’t live in the U.K. Honestly, it didn’t matter. He makes up for it with his thought-provoking essays on politics, music, corporations, and general current events in both England and the world.

He’s been writing on his blog since 2003, so there are is an extensive archive. He recently went to Haloscan comments, so all of his old comments seem to have gone away. Pity, because I’m sure there were some great ones. I would recommend this blog for all those in the U.K., whether you agree with his politics or not. It’s a good place to spend some

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