Review 2873

The title bar stated “Mama Jama LIVE” and I figured that this blog was mainly about music. The main layout was black and white and not much to say about it. And the first entry I read was about Jaco Pastorius and that strengthened the idea that this blog was a music blog.

However, I was mistaken. Though some of the entries are about the author’s band and his experiences as well as the people he has met on the way. But he talks about other things too – family life, thoughts and ideas and of course, some witty entry about one thing or the other.

One thing that I found particularly good about this blog was that it had categories into which his entries were, of course, categorized to. There’s the “Just Stuff” where I think the miscellaneous entries were placed. The “Tech” category had entries that was relatively about technical things.

So, that said, I would recommend this blog to anyone who is interested in the going ons of this person’s life, music, travel and just some random stuff. I suggest anyone visit this blog at least once for a quick laugh.
Mama Jama Live

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