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At first thought I was praying this site wasn’t some mathematical blog. No I haven’t found of those yet, but its bound to happen. Thankfully when I got to Pattern Recognition I was told that the author was a former poet, and now a blogger. Poems have patterns, thus I was happy it wasn’t a math blog.

I’ll start with the design and say that it is just a blogger template. A good one mind you; but it is still a template. It’s the dark and light brown one that looks kind of like I picture parchment and it works well for this author. It almost feels as if this template was designed off of this author’s words, but I know that isn’t true.

Now for the fun part: the weblog itself. The best way I can describe this blog is that friend you have who is always full of energy and has a positive outlook on everything, and talks really loud and fast, and just keeps going and never shuts up and you want to get a word in edge wise but you just can’t and … Ok. I will stop now. Sorry about that. But seriously, this blog reads like a good friend who just likes to talk.

Aisha doesn’t really have a set topic yet that she focuses on so there is no way to say well it is a poetic blog or it is a political blog or all this blog has to offer are those “what type of ____ are you” blogs. Her posts read well together, but taken in can almost seem sporadic. Again this isn’t a bad thing, it is just a quality of that friend we all have I described.

The thing that annoyed me the most was trying to figure out what Dashboard Dashing was. At times she would abbreviate it to DD and of course I though Dungeons and Dragons, but knew I was wrong. Finally in November she explains what Dashboard Dashing is. See in your dashboard for blogger there is a list of recently updated blogs and it is hard to catch yourself on the list because about 10 blogs a second are updated. Dashboard Dashing refers to the blogs on either side of you on this recently updated list. Make sense? This led me to some interesting sites, and if I still used blogger, I probably would be inclined to try my hand at this little game.

Finally we come to the name Pattern Recognition. While originally I thought it was about Math, and then realized it was about poems, I was wrong on both accounts. See Pattern Recognition is a book that she read in July and when she googled the author she found he had a blog, and she didn’t know what one was, and well now we are left with her little blog on the web.

Overall I had a great time at this site. The site read very quickly and easily which was refreshing. I think the fact that the site does read like the friend we all have makes it that much more unique as it comes off as more natural and more real rather than mundane. My only real complaint is that Aisha doesn’t update on a daily basis, of course that could be a bad thing if she did.
Pattern Recognition

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