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I like to judge what a blogs going to be about by the title. I know, it’s a bad case of “judging a book by its cover” but it’s just something I do. So the judgements I had for Greg And Deb On The Web were:

1. It was a family blog.
2. It would be filled with anecdotes not interesting to anyone except family and close friends.
3. It would contain posts by both Greg and Deb in a sort of tennis match manner, with one person posting one day and the other the next.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not very often I do this, so treasure this moment. I was wrong. Except maybe for number 1. Yes, it is a “family” blog. But only in that Greg (who by the way, is the only one who posts on it, not Greg-and-Deb) does write about his family occasionally. Okay, he writes about his family a lot. But, nevertheless, it is interesting and funny enough, for an outsider like me, who doesn’t know them, to enjoy and appreciate.

Greg obviously has a sense of humour. Not forced, like a lot of other weblogs which “try” to be funny, but a genuine amused, slightly cynical way of looking at the world around him. He posts a lot about his daughters–Allie who is four and the baby Julia. Allie is an endless fund of humour, with her little bon mots.

Usually, when reviewing a weblog, I skim through the archives, dipping in occasionally to figure out more about the writer and where they are coming from. In this case, I sat and read through the entire archives (starting in July 2003) and before I knew it, I was hooked.

The layout is just that–a layout, in simple colours, uncluttered with a few links. It doesn’t detract at all from the writing, nor does it add anything to it.

Personally, now, not as a reviewer, but as someone who loves to discover fresh writing, this blog will be one I will be checking again and again. You should too.Greg & Deb on the Web

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