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I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I came to this blog. Gambling is an addiction I know nothing of, and a risky hobby that I don’t see the glamour in or purpose of. That being said, if I wanted to learn any and everything about it, Gambling Weblog is the place to do it.

The content consists of only Gambling information, from Poker tour dates the results of Gambling Magazine Online’s award winners. There is an abundance of links to different places in the online gambling world, and at the end of every entry, there are related, archived entries and research reports.

Yet, there is a generic air to this site. It seems to be manufactured. I didn’t like that. And the recently reviewed soccer Weblog reveals an eerie resemblance. And low and behold, the Gambling and Soccer weblog link to one another, ie. the same author, or company, or whatever. The layout is just boring. There was no imagination and no effort put into it’s design.

I myself, do not consider this a blog. It’s simply a website, attempting to attract more traffic to itself by luring unsuspecting blogger to it under false pretenses. If you enjoy Gambling and want to stay in the know, then this will be an excellent site for you to visit. It seems to be consistently updated and well-maintained. But, if you are anything like me, don’t waste your time.

Gambling Weblog

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