Review 2841

When Tara Met Blog all was well. I love the title of this blog as it has a nice little ring to it and is taken from the When Harry met Sally movie. This subtle hint that she likes movies in her title is nice.

The site loads up with a nice background of martini glasses and the main area is in a green box to not get the text confused with the martini glasses. The left column used for navigation does not have a solid background and sometimes the links get lost in the background. While the design works for the site, I would like to see something else that flows better and captures Tara’s personality a bit more (though the fun-ness of the site is evident).

The blog itself is very easy and enjoyable to read. She talks about a range of topics from movies to politics (lets be fair, everyone talked about this topic this year), to her personal life (though not in the what I did sense). I found her movie reviews to be very enjoyable, laughed at her posts about food chains, and just enjoyed my time here.

I had a problem with the navigation. The archives aren’t listed in “standard” date format. Rather you can pick from the category the posts are listed in, or you can use the god-awful calendar system. Thankfully at the bottom of the page there is an “Older” link, which takes us to the next page of the blog. The blog is very short as she started blogging in October and does not post every day.

Overall I enjoyed reading When Tara Met Blog. It was easy, light, and a refreshing voice in the over populated blogging world. After some design tweaking, fixing up the archives, and some more time, my guess is Tara will have a long list of loyal readers.When Tara Met Blog