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Initially, I found the site refreshingly simple. Not too many graphics or bells and whistles and no unnecessary features. I figured I would find a blog by someone who was knowledgable in the sport of soccer and someone who tends to keep up with the games and present the highlights as observed by them, and I did indeed find what I expected.

The blog is interesting and was easy to understand. It appears to be well written by someone who thoroughly enjoys the sport. Maybe I’m not that observant but, I still can’t find the name of the author, even in the “About The Author” section. I think the author does have a love for soccer and it shows through his posts.

I think the author is attempting to inform readers about current evens in soccer and present an opinionated view of the sport based on his experience. I do feel however, that there is much to be desired in the area of maintaining the blog. I observed several photos missing while surfing the blog and a desperate need for a graphic logo at the top of the blog. I think the design works for the topic but, it could be “spruced up” a bit to intrigue the reader to continue reading.

Overall, I think this blog is a good read and has plenty of potential for gaining many new readers with a little touch-up to the layout and making sure the photos are working properly.

Soccer Weblog

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