Review 284

To classify this site as a news site just doesn’t give it enough credit. Most news sites post just stuff that is on cnn or on their daily news. This site goes above and beyond that. They post about wrestling, sports, news, videogames, everything that is news worthy.

When the page was loading, I caught the title before the page loaded and of course it had one of my favorite quotes from wrestling in it. And then, the logo had one of my favorite wrestlers. Ok the site is not just about wrestling, but it is a section which I could relate to the most.

The news is reported with an edge, and short. It is to the point and has a slight opinion on some things. Even though they state that it is expressed with an opinion, for the most part it isn’t. I would like to see some more in-depth opinions on the news, but that is ok.

This site has all of your news needs so go check it out.PT-Networks

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