Review 2820

I was very pleased to see a site called “A Wacky Southern Housewife” come up for review. Why? I like wacky. I like Southern. A marriage made in heaven. The site wasn’t disappointing so much as standard wacky Southern housewife fare. I did enjoy myself while there, so don’t think I didn’t like the site–quite the contrary.

“Call me Scarlett” started her blog in early 2004 and uses a standard blogger template (the green one with the leaf-like photo at the top). I sure wish she’d change her archive format to a simple word like “April” instead of 04/01/2004-4/30/2004. She writes about her life in what I assume is Georgia, due to her links about Atlanta, Marietta and the like. From piecing together her archives, she seems to have 3 children, allergies, and likes blogs from the U.K. There is more, but you will be able to piece it together for yourself.

It took many months before Scarlett got her first comment, but to her credit she kept on blogging. You can see her writing taking shape over the course of time, and I’m glad she’s stuck with it. My biggest complaint is that there are too many posts like this (mundane, quick comments) and not enough like this (heartfelt and humorous trials of a wacky housewife.
A Wacky Southern Housewife