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One of the biggest challenges in reviewing weblogs with topics ranging all over the board is trying to review a site that’s nearly the exact opposite of one’s own personal beliefs. Reviewing Learning Right News is the biggest reviewing challenge I’ve experienced to date.

The layout of the site is a standard Blogger template, with the colors being spruced up a bit. There’s honestly nothing special about it, but I suppose a news site such as this one has no need for a flashy layout. The colors are aesthetically pleasing; the layout and colors chosen give the site an overall clean and crisp appearance.

Thanks to the Blogger template, readers are able to find out just the slightest bit of information about the author in the “About Me” square. Tony Mc, who hails from Iowa, is our blogger and creator of Leaning Right News. This is all the information available about him.

Tony Mc and the entries he makes on this weblog lean very far to the right of political beliefs. According to the available archives, the site’s only been up and running since mid-October, just in time for Tony to concentrate his writings and posts on the 2004 Presidential Election.

The words in the banner of Leaning Right News, which ultimately give readers their first impression on what it is they’re reading, is “Giving you thoughts and views from the ‘Right’ side of the political world!!!” With Tony being a huge fan of Ann Coulter and encouraging with all his might people to vote for George W Bush the night before Election Day, he keeps it no secret that he’s deadset against anything the Democrats represented over this past election.

Tony is very adament in his point of view and comes across extremely confident and knowledgeable. He is very opinionated, and his writing shows this. However, Tony never fails to have his opinion backed up by facts that he’s discovered through other websitse. This is what made Leaning Right News tolerable to someone who leans in the complete opposite direction. It’s obviously not a weblog the majority of people will enjoy, simply because it’s not a topic that the majority of people will even understand.

For those readers that also lean to the right or those looking to learn a little more about the right-wing side of politics, this is definitely a site worth investigating.Leaning Right

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