Review 2814

The Taipei Kid is a blog written by a thirty-five year old guy who has lived in Taiwan for fifteen years. But here’s the catch–you can read for days and still know little or nothing about this person.

His blog in my opinion, isn’t entertaining. He writes about what he sees in the paper. Yes, some of his facts are interesting but most of the time they’re not (unless you live in Taiwan). One positive thing I will say is that he has quite a bit of content. But then again, most of it seems regurgitated.

The blog engine is moveable type, which is nice, but the design is horrible. Dark gray, blue…I wanted to watch a comedy just to recover.

All in all, it was boring. Just boring. I gave it a 2.75 and categorized it as being ‘News’ instead of ‘Entertainment’. It wasn’t entertaining at all. The Taipei Kid

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