Review 2814

The Taipei Kid huh? Don’t know what or where Taipei is, so I ventured on in. Next thing I noticed was the url: wanna be my Very nice url to snag there. Sure why not, I’ll be your friend. Of course you may not want me to be by the time this review is over.

The site loads to a generic black with white and grey text movabletype template. While it is nothing to shout about as the popularity of this template has diminished, it did diminish for a reason. With nothing spectacular to really “look” at, I took a read.

The title of the site is “Rants and raves about Taipei and false childhood memories”. Again, an original title, but still not a clue as to what is going to happen here. The posts are a mix of things in the news and what is going on in his life.

One of the more recent political based posts caught my attention when he said he was on tv talking about the election. This got me looking for a link for an about me page to find out more about him. Unfortunately I was unable to find one of these. So I continued my quest to figure out who this author is.

The writing of this site is amazing. The author knows how to starkly get his point across when he wants to, and knows how to just tell it like it is. This is very rare with bloggers as most don’t know how to do this.

After reading the site I still sat back and said “That’s it?”. Still at a loss for who the author is, which is a shame because I really enjoyed the writing. Let me rephrase that, I am at a loss for where he is going with the site. There is a mix of what is going on in Asia and the US, and his life, but it seems more to me like a run on sentence. The writing is good, but I just didn’t quiet get it. I am sure in a day or two after it has sunk in I will say something along the lines of now I get it, but as of writing this review I haven’t.The Taipei Kid