Review 2805

A pretty pink daisy awaits you as you enter this blog. The entire blog is primarily pink and green, easy to navigate and follow. It has way too many links in its sidebar (including the ever-present and grating Ads by Gooooogle and not one but FOUR “Your Ad Here” adbrite ads). As if those are not enough to clutter up a sidebar, there is a large blogroll, archives, “search this site,” credits, previous posts, logos, web rings…the list goes on.

The only thing that made no sense to me in the sidebar was the “Recent Searches” category. I assume these are things people who visit the site have searched for, but I really don’t see the need for this. Perhaps that is just me and my need to see less mess in a sidebar–it’s hard to say. However, even with all of this stuff (read: clutter), the site’s pleasantness is not lost among it. That’s a good thing.

I truly enjoyed the time spent at this blog. So do a lot of other people because you can tell this is a very trafficked site. I liked Busy Mom’s writing style (especially the family’s conversations that she relays). Check out a funny conversation called “Oh Great.” Or how about ‘the talk’ she was going to have with her daughter but her son seemed a more imminent target in “Wait, that answer didn’t follow my script.” Busy Mom has been writing for quite some time and it shows.

Even if you’re not a busy mom, you will enjoy hearing her stories, reading her thoughts, and sharing in just a bit of her life. Busy Mom Blog

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