Review 2800

If you don’t have cable and your library card has expired… I saw this title and thought of a blog about hobbys maybe, or even some other time filler. Clicking on the link it brang up yet another blogger template. I, again, did wince at the google search function right under the heading, I still believe those should be located down the bottom of the blog somewhere, not cluttering the top.

First things first, I checked out the author’s little blurb about herself in the profile section. Fiat Lux’s first few profile lines are “So, things you should know about me, A) I’m the queen of non-sequiturs. And 2) I like to mix things up on purpose to see if people notice.” a) it made me smile, b) she sounded a bit zany and that perked my interest.

Reading some of her posts entertained me, her writing style draws the reader in, especially this reader. Her antics and re-telling of the first time she went to Hooters, or her Buffy fanatical-ism, which I find endearing because I’ve got a problem with watching a bit too much Buffy myself.

The blog itself probably could do with a face lift, but that’s only because I have a personal problem with the whole blogger standard templates. I gave Fiat Lux a 3, only because her blog was listed under humour and I do believe that it should be listed under personal. Her writing style is amusing and entertaining, but the blog itself is about personal experience.

If you don’t have cable and your library card has expired