Review 280

I get to the site and what do I see, but a quote saying that this site is about the life of an ex-computer hacker. Little later it says he is only 16. So now I am thinking he might be writing about old hacking stuff that he did, what not. Nope. It’s about his life.

Every post is almost a “Today I did this, this, and this… Oh yeah, I also did this.” Not to interesting, but there are some good posts there.

I went back to the archives, which only started about three weeks before this review, and in the second post he says he is going to submit his site here. Thankfully for him, there is a big backlog and it took a while. Had I reviewed it then, I would have had nothing to say about it.

The site is real easy to read which is a good thing. I also like the design of the site, which is again, real easy.

The only thing I would change, well I should say add, is a links section. The site has a lot of potential to become a site to read in the future. I really hope that he sticks with it and writes for a long time. I know that it will grow with him and be something for everyone.

Point1ess! v1

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