Review 279

Bleeding Ears is unique in its own. The author wants to post about his views on music and does it very well. Nothing holds him back on his posts.

Like other music weblogs, the primary focus is on indie rock and their up and coming ability. Personally I enjoy indie rock a lot, but don’t have the time to get out and listen to it. Sites like this one make it a little easier for me to do that.

The design is really basic: a blogger template. But that is ok. He is not trying to make you say, Hey look at that design. Instead he wants you to think about music and his point of view on it. Very well done. I think that any site that wants you to actually think needs to have a very basic design and a lot of effort put into the opinion.

If you are a big fan of neowall then you will like this site too.Bleeding Ears

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