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Based on another blogger template, the initial impression I got was that this is a blog based on the author’s political & every day views, what gave that away was the blurb he had under his header which states:

“A collection of real-world libertarian, individualist and laissez-faire rants on policy, culture and other current events by an average, everyday lawyer & investment banker and part-time pop scholar.”

A stitch in Haste has one author. A KipEsquire. The blog is mainly about his views and opinions. Events and occurances that grab his attention or are an interest to him. I do like that he had his blog roll seperated into different sections. Makes for easy finding.

What I expected from this blog is exactly what I got. One person’s views on American politial and cultural issues. My not being an American I guess doesn’t help, especially since I don’t have any idea what he is talking about, I have a hard time following Australian politics!

I’d have to say there are more political postings than anything else, the links and quotes used are used well by the author. He puts forward his argument in a structured form and above all, his argument makes sense! The author uses links that are unique, linking back to blogs that he reads, as well as some that are common, ie. Washington Post.

All in all, I think that this blog doesn’t really do anything for me. But that could be because I’m not American and I’m not political. If you, on the other hand, are political, check it out, KipEsquire has some interesting opinions.A Stitch in Haste

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