Review 2763

When I first entered the site of (fblog), I was actually quite impressed. It was a very clean and neat looking layout and the combined colors of orange and white, seemed to do the weblog justice.

The blog is hosted at “modblog” , (which I haven’t been very familiar with), but it was a pleasant change from the very familiar “blogspot” templates. But with that being said, it is basically the entries that are most important. At that point, I began my journey into “fMatt’S” world.

The first thing I looked for was a section where I could find out a bit about “fMatt” (the author. At the top of the page was a link to his profile among several other links. fMatt, has several tidbits of info about him in his profile. Arranging from what kind of music he likes to what kind of books he reads. Really lets you get to know him .

As I started to read FMatt’s actual posts, I noticed that a lot of them were about cricket games he has had. Well, after all, in his profile he does mention that cricket is his favorite sport. He also talks about assignments he has had in school and basically just your everyday life. After reading fMatt’s entries, I got the impression that he writes whatever comes to mind. He also seems to like playing the Sims. (One of my fav past times as well.)

The entries are written very well. The writing is very neat and very easy to read.
He has several links etc on the left hand side including a poll. He also has an image gallery which I was very interested in viewing . I clicked on the link, but to my disappointment, all the images were broken. A few of his archived pages took a little long as well. Those were basically the only faults I had with this weblog.

Keep in mind, it may not be to everyone’s taste. No weblog is. But I for one enjoyed reading it. So if you have some time on your hands, stop by and pay the author a visit. You won’t be disappointed.[fBlog]

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