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Upon my first visit to this site, I gathered that the title would pretty well sum up what this blog was all about. Basically, I expected a straight-forward accounting of the world as the blog writer saw it. No more, no less. I was both correct and incorrect in my assumption… Allow me a few moments to explain.

I was greeted by the standard generic blogger template and my eyes automatically darted over to the left margin where I could find the “About Me” portion of the blog. I learned that the blog was written by a lady named Debra, and I quickly got an overview of her current life and one word seemed to jump off the page at me – “Christian”.

Upon further examination of the page, I noticed that there was Psalm quoted directly under the main title. The woman was obviously very devout in her faith, so I was curious as to what extent religion would play in her blog entries. Onward I forged.

The blog basically chronicles the day-to-day life of Debra and her family, as well as her occasionsl commentaries on her faith, society, and humanity in general. Through the three months of archived entries, I noticed two main things while reading:

1. Debra is a very good writer. Her writing style automatically put me at ease and I found very good flow with her words. It was an easy read for me, and I got to feel very comfortable with the author during several posts.

2. I found the first two months of postings to be very religiously heavy-handed. At times it felt like more of a Sunday morning sermon than a blog read, and this made me somewhat uncomfortable and disinterested at times. I noticed it has tapered off significantly as of late, but it was a very present theme during the early stages of this blog. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, per se, just something that doesn’t appeal to everyone… Myself included.

I do understand that religion may play a big part in Debra’s life but, without discussing my beliefs, I was put off a little bit my the ever-present feel of it here. The writing is great, no doubt of this, but the topics weren’t diverse enough to keep my interest for very long.

Debra is a very charming, likeable lady, it seems, and her choice of topics may be great for some others who think along this vein. For me, it wasn’t exacly my “cup of tea”, unfortunately.

The writing is superb, choice of topics… often not for me… 3/5 it is.

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