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“Ducking for Apples” (A country girl in the city) Those were the headlines I saw when the page first loaded. When I first heard the main title, the first thing I thought of was Halloween. So I really wasn’t sure what kind of a blog I would be faced with.

The template was yet another one of those original, familiar Blogspot templates. The layout was very simple.

Ally (the author) is a self employed lady from the “United Kingdom”. She has only had the blog running since July of 2004. Ally’s entries consist of her job, her family ,friends and just everyday life. On a couple of those entries, she has written out phone conversations which she has had. One with a caller who apparently had a wrong number, and a conversation she has had with her mother via telephone. In their own way, I found those two entries fairly amusing, therefore showing Ally’s sense of humor. I am really not sure if they were meant to be amusing, but that’s the way I saw them.

As I stated earlier, the blog has only been around since July, so there really wasn’t that much content to go through. But however, I did enjoy what was there.

She has several links on the right hand side of her page. There is one particular link titled “the crew”. I clicked on that first and it was little pieces of info about each member of her family, her husband, friends etc. I found that one link especially to be quite interesting. It is not something you usually see on your everyday blog. However, I was somewhat disappointed to find that a few of her links were not in working order.

In my opinion, this is a blog worth checking out from time to time. Ally has a way of writing her entries that will keep you interested. As her blog progresses in time, I am sure she will fix up her links and maybe do some work on her design. Because of the non working links and because of the newness of the blog, I am giving it a score of 3. But in the future, if she would like to re submit it, I think it has the potential to get a score of a 5.
ducking for apples

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