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Verse Guru. My poet’s soul stirred. A blog devoted to poetry?

Alas, it is not to be. After much searching I found that the Verse part refers to some kind of web/tech/consulting/design/development company.

Our author states right off the bat that this site does not look so hot if we are using Internet Explorer. (Poor unfortunate me…. IE is what I have.) He recommends we use Mozilla. Now I am not going to go download Mozilla right now, so I agree, the site doesn’t look so hot. The page is cluttered, the fonts too small and the background is an annoying hazy leopard print…. although I think it changes. Wait a minute… Yep, every time you refresh the page, the background changes. All of them are too busy for my taste.

There are tabs at the top of the page that read: Blog, Deli, Journal, Entries, and Index. They lead to other pages that look similar, but are categorized a bit differently. The Deli one has entries about food, complete with photos of same. The Journal and Blog pages have the same entries, but one has more pictures, I think. It all adds up to a confusing mish mash that is starting to make me frown. It’s not NICE to make the Weblog reviewer frown!

I got the impression that because he CAN produce an incredibly complex and confusing page … he DOES. But frankly, it’s a navigation nightmare.

After much clicking and searching, I found an About page. Our author is a British citizen living in France. A Myers-Briggs type INTJ.

Okay, so let’s read some entries. There are quite a few about film and TV in the recent posts that did not capture my imagination much. And while reading, I encountered sentences like this one:

“I think Clay Shirky [Many2Many] has lost grip of his divining rod in respect to XFN. Certainly you can argue over the rationale until you reach the restaurant at the end of the universe; I agree with him that XFN does provide inflexible categorization… “

I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what that is all about. And to add to my growing pile of annoyances, the entries contain just a sentence or two and then you have to click a “read more” button and open another window for the rest. I don’t get this strategy. What’s the point of not having the whole entry visible on one page?

I headed off to the archives to see what might be hidden there. . . I found entries on food, computer topics, an entry that includes a graphic picture of a road killed rat, technical themed entries containing obscene amounts of linkage and entries that have bulleted sections that jump from one subject to another.


Perhaps this entry will give you a good picture of the mind of our author: Dec. 31, 2003 Entitled “Old Ideas”.

While I must say the author of this blog is obviously an intelligent fellow, I found his writing style to be quite inaccessible and at times aloof. What can I tell you. He has myriad interests and blogs on all of them. I just could not connect. However, if you have technical leanings, this blog might just float your boat.

The one redeeming thing about this site is his photo gallery. There are some truly beautiful shots there. It’s worth a visit just for those.


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