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When “Incurable Hippie’s Musings and Rants” into my Internet Explorer window, there was absolutely no question about the title of this weblog. The font for the title is massive in size and is by far the first thing that a reader sees. Right away, the author describes herself as a “mad, in debt, feminist, radical, angry, pacifist, warrior, flower-power chick”, though, so that struck a chord with me and almost instantaneously gave me the desire to read more.

The author’s musings and rants fill the six months of archives with enough information to get to know her quite well. Every once in a while, readers will find a post or two where the author has written about a day-trip with a friend to another city or a poem she’s written herself. The majority of the posts throughout the archives are mainly the author’s observations on the world and news around her, instead of things that are happening directly in her life. As with any weblog, readers will also find the obligatory, yet thankfully just occasional, posts containing the results of “What ________ are you?” quizzes.

The author not only can make her sea monkeys come alive, but apparently they live a long time and she considers them pets. On a personal note, this amazed me because my sea monkeys never grew and that’s disappointing, because I already had names for them. This weblog author also shares stories of her hamsters. Normally, pet stories become tiresome, but with hamsters, these aren’t quite the same run-of-the-mill “I Love My Cat” stories that bloggers often abuse.

Located in the United Kingdom, the author only occasionally touches on the political side of things, either in Europe or the events taking place in the United States. She touches on topics in more serious nature, too, like living with a mental disoder or eating and dieting habits, for example.

Visually, the site layout looks to be that of a Blogger template, just slightly altered to the creator’s liking. The title is in a very large font, as previously mentioned. The sidebar on the site is full of typically blogging-type things: the monthly archives, a few of the latest entries, the author’s favorite links, various webrings, etc. Very basic colors of black, white, light gray, and blue are chosen for the site, and these colors are all aesthetically pleasing.

Six months isn’t very long in the wide world of weblogging, but this author has very early on made her weblog appears as one that can be counted on for a variety of topics to be discussed. Since we all know variety is the spice of life, this Incurable Hippie’s Musings and Rants are ones that can enjoyably be read by nearly any random reader.

Incurable Hippie’s Musings and Rants

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