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Musings of a Caffeinated Mind was quite interesting. I found that it fulfilled my expectations in some senses, but not in others.

Let’s go over the obvious.

It’s a blogger website with a comment system from HaloScan. Everything works. We have personal links, former posts, a decent design, and a profile. Everything looks good.

The weblog itself focuses on a few different things. We have Scenes from the Forklift (about his job), Boring Childhood Stories (self-explanatory), Analyze This (about his dreams), and Photo of the Week.

I found his work stories to be very entertaining, and his Photos of the Week are very good. I read a couple of his dream stories, I find them hilarious, and sometimes just plain off the wall. The childhood stories were ok, but that’s a minute point.

One thing that the author writes about a lot is sports. (Did I mention he’s from Canada?) And like any Canadian, he’s in love with hockey. Can you blame him? I don’t. Bloggers write about what they know and love, and since I knew nothing about hockey (though I love to watch it), I found his articles about the sport informative.

In conclusion, the reason I didn’t give this blog a 5 was that his design is one that I’ve seen everywhere (probably because it’s blogger), but nevertheless, I always like to see a more custom look. Another thing is that it may not have been quite quirky enough to give the blog title justice. But with that being said (I hope as constructively as possible) all in all, the author has a very good thing going. Go Canada.

Musings of a Caffeinated Mind

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