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Princess Joanna’s Kingdom opens to a pleasant blue and white page with nice readable fonts and a clean and not too cluttered sidebar. I did not find the about me page she said she was working on, and perhaps I did my review while she was updating it. In any case, it was not present.

Joanna has been here since March 2003. I read samples from each of the archived months and found entries talking about her job, what mood she was in, and what her plans were for the weekend. While the writing style is understandable and clear, the subject matter is rather mundane and not that interesting. Now I know that there are days in every writer’s life that we find ourselves at a loss for something meaningful to say. But at some point, at least in this blogger’s opinion, one has to show some deep emotion or reveal one’s passion for some aspect of life in order for the writing to be engaging.

A couple of constructive suggestions for improvement would be to step outside the immediate things in your life, and write a bit more about the wider world. And tell us what you are passionate about, the positive or the negative. Don’t let your writing be ordinary. Just writing down the facts of the day, with a side of whine does not make for interesting reading in the long run.

At this point, the target audience for this blog would be people personally aquatinted with the author. If you want to reach a larger audience, tell us what makes you tick. Or let us see your unique view of the world. That would make me want to come back and visit again sometime.

Princess Joanna’s Kingdom

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