Review 271

Stupid splash pages. I really don’t like them, especially when they have nothing to do with the site! Yeah it is a cute puppy and I wanted to hold it, but it is a splash page.

So I enter the page and the first thing I notice is that there are a lot of posts for each day. Some days more than others. She posts on a pretty consistent basis.

So I am reading the first page, and I read some more, and some more, and then I notice that I am at the beginning of July and my little scroll bar has moved only about a third of the way down. So I quickly scroll down and I see posts all the way back to March! Archives are a wonderful thing.

After reading the page, I check out the rest of the page. Bio is pretty good, except that she changes colors from the blog page to this page. Am I still at the same page? I don’t know, they look so much different. Go back to the main page as the only link on the bio was back to the blog and check out the links. No links, but they are coming soon. Finally I check out the pictures and I just get an index with pictures. Please people, download a program that will create thumbnails and index all the photos you want. I know they are out there, just find it.

This site had too many problems for me to fully enjoy. After fixing the problems, I would re-review the site as I know there is a good weblog underneath somewhere.

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