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No offense, but this is a very unattractive blog. Though yellow and brown are usually fairly harmonious colors together, this is just not working for me. The link text to some very important areas of the blog, like the About page and the Archives etc. are infinitesimally small. Why? Our heroine’s photo is displayed in the header. Why is she making a face? Now I’m frowning too.

It took me a while to figure out how to get around here. The archives open to individual titles but when you go to one, the only way to continue reading is to go back to the list and pick another one. No, “next” or “previous” function makes for pretty tedious navigation.

The entries vary quite a bit. Some are quite short, quiz results, or a short note about her kid’s goings on that day. Others are about Greece, sort of a combination history/travelog. Some are just rants about the irritation du jour. The writing is clear and understandable, but didn’t capture my imagination very much.

The one exception is when she writes about her two miscarriages. It’s unfortunate that something so incredibly sad should be the impetus for the only entries that I felt that I was connecting with the author.

She also has links to other sites she has created. They include craft, recipe, web design and discussion forum pages. She seems a very versatile woman. This site might be of interest to other mothers and anyone curious about things Greek, both the place and the food.

It’s All Greek To Me

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