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IT Enquirer is a site dedicated to Publishing. It offers interviews with the leaders in publishing, reviews on books and software, information on Graphic Design, 3D animation and most everything related to the industry. As the “about” page states, Erik Vlietinck , a Belgian Dr. of Law with 8 years experience writing for European IT-magazines, is the creator of the site. The about section also states that in March 2004, IT-Enquirer migrated to a dynamic database-driven website; therefore, all information published before that date is to be found in the navigation bar. However, there’s an advanced search form that will help your navigation. And you also have the possibility of becoming a member.

The site is nicely colored. White, orange and blue. It has various links on the side bar, including a search form, the about link, a link to terms and definitions used in publishing, and sections with links to older articles and reviews. The sidebar ends with the archives which date back from March 2004.

There’s a top menu which takes you to different links with reviews and information on other subcategories of the publishing realm such as 3D, Graphics and Web Design, to name a few.

The body layout of the home page is divided into two columns: the right side column and the left side column both feature articles with different dates for the months of May-June-July 2004 and the topics vary. I assumed the home page features the highlights and it reminded me of the cover of a magazine or newspaper: take your pick at a glance. Anyhow, I appreciated the introduction before every article, explaining the context and then a link to take you to the article itself. This I found very useful. Also, the terms and definitions section will help all those wanting more knowledge on the subject.

Regarding the sub categories in the top menu, each page features its own articles and links related. There’s also the possibility of commenting and beginning a discussion. I specifically enjoyed the interviews with prominent figures of the field. You can see IT takes its work seriously.

Overall, the site features very complete information on all things publishing and I’m sure it will be a great find to those who work in the field.


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