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There are some new kids on the block and all of you supposed publishing professionals better take notice. They call themselves the IT-Enquirer and they’re here to show you what it really means to be on the razor thin edge of publishing developments.

The design of the site is pretty standard and is easy to navigate. If you enjoy looking at pictures and being greeted with a lot of eye candy, you’re in for a disappointment. Information and opinion is this site’s bottom line. Reading the most recent posts, it’s clear to me that IT-Enquirer aims most of its content to people who are actually in the publishing/professional imaging and design business or at least possess a considerable amount of knowledge in the area.

In IT-Enquirer you can find information pertinent to the industry. This includes interviews with leaders in the business, articles, opinions, analyses, and reviews of new hardware and software. The IT-Enquirer offers a subscription service that provides weekly newsletters via e-mail, access to more content on the site, the ability to participate in polls and make comments on articles, and automatic entries into IT-Enquirer contests.

The man behind the site is an expert in search engine technology, document management, document publishing, web design and development, collaboration and workflow. I’d expect no less from a site that calls itself the “leading source for information on publishing in its broadest sense.”

IT-Enquirer is a good site for anyone who is interested in taking a deeper look into web design, print publishing, prepress, photo processing and graphic design. Although I can’t say that novices or people who are wholly unfamiliar with the topics that the website covers will find it terribly exciting, IT-Enquirer is still worth taking a look at. I give it a 5.IT-Enquirer

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