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Paper covers – the title didn’t indicate anything to me. On reaching the site I was greeted by a straight forward easy looking layout. A blue, green and cream colour scheme with easy to read text. The design included a right hand panel with an about me section, previous posts and archives. There was a manageable links section to a variety of publishing, pet and blog related pages. The design is unfussy and uncluttered. I like that.

The simple design allows for easy getting around the site. However there isn’t a home page icon which is a drawback and you lose the archives when you enter a post through the previous post menu. However when in the archives there is a return to current posts links which is useful.

There is a comments facility which is used on and off and links and pictures throughout the posts which are in working order. All links open in the same window which is not a preference of mine.

The web log has posts dating back only six weeks or so, but the author, a self styled single middle aged woman with dogs, is a prolific blogger and has posted a lot in that time. Her banner suggests commentary on books, pets, culture, art, life, and death and so far she has come up with those goods.

Her writing style is expansive and interesting. The posts are well written and on the whole very descriptive of Ms Phelps world. The main focus of her writing is her love of books and literature and her parrot. The paper covers of the title refer to her career in publishing. I particularly liked her take on the passing of Ronald Reagan. I particularly didn’t like her work Nazism and her sense of disappointment for the kids who didn’t have summer jobs. Why do folk put such an emphasis on work? Let kids be kids and play.

That aside the web log has made an interesting beginning, has a pleasing simple design and is very well written. A three out of five.

Paper Covers

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