Review 2660

The Thinking Woman’s Diary is without a doubt the most elegant on line journal I have ever seen. Though to be fair, it is a personal web page, unfettered by hosted blog templates and limitations. But it’s a beauty. If for no other reason than this, you should go take a look.

Being used to several other types of navigation, I fumbled around a while trying to figure out what was what on the site, and how to get to it. I finally gave up the idea of chronology, for her posts really do not have that much date dependent material, the entries are more along the lines of gentle philosophical musings contained in separate categories. Some of these include: Nature, Life’s Treats, Passion, Travel, Good Life, you get the idea. So it really doesn’t matter what the date is while reading most of these essays. She has been writing here since April of 2004.

I would consider her style more in the creative writing arena, rather than a daily diary. She writes with grace and elegance on an astonishing array of subjects. If you look in the “Your Say, My Say” section, there will be a comprehensive bio that helps us put our author in perspective. Perhaps her world traveling has helped her become such an excellent writer.

Of course I have no way of knowing how many visitors our blogger is attracting, but there are very few comments posted. This is the one advantage to having your blog on a hosted site. You inherit a built in community of fellow journalists and can quickly make connections and friends. I hope that being reviewed at Weblog Review will increase her readership. She deserves to be read.

The one thing that I could not find on this diary was a notify function. I would suggest to our author that she consider adding one. It is a much better way to let people know you have updated, than expecting them to check in every day. There are absolutely no links whatsoever on this site either. A kind of breath of fresh air after some of the recent blogs I have reviewed.

By all means, please take a look at this blog. If for no other reason than to observe what I consider to be a benchmark of great journaling design. And stay a while to read a few very well written essays. I recommend “The Curse of the Easy Option” found in the Philosophy category as a good place to start.

The Thinking Woman’s Diary